Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day One: Meet and Greet, Basic Commands

At around 9:45am we showed up at 4 Paws for Ability and where soon staring into Zeppelin's crate. 

We all picked a spot and sat in the main training area as the dogs where brought out to their families one by one... 

All the kids where handed treat bags to give to their dogs as they where introduced. 

Zeppelin was showered in treats as he meet his news kids. 

"Why is this dog sitting on me"!

The kids gave Zeppelin a new nyla bone as a gift

He loves his new toy

Eddie was a little unsure about him, but toward the end of class he would laugh every time Zeppelin would come up to him. 

After the meet and greet we went off on a one hour lunch. Soon after we returned we started working on basic commands, sit and down. We also worked on having our dogs stay in that position for an extended amount of time. 

I will be the main handler, but Ed needs to work on these commands too.. here is Zeppelin pawing him for another treat. "I sat down for you, will you give me another"?